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We had a solidly carved chair with ornate filigree detailing in our stock awaiting revival for our furniture gallery. By chance a customer who was looking for a feature character chair for a bedroom approached us and we discussed the possibilities for the revival of this chair to meet her brief. Originally the chair was finished in a gold frame with a worn out red velvet upholstery with sunken seats and arms, it was hard for our client to imagine what it would or could look like after a revival.

We did parts of the chair in different paint finishes, to give her a better idea of what it could look like. The chair was going to be the finishing piece in a bedroom so we agreed that it would be of benefit for us to visit the room it was going into to ensure that the end product would compliment the bedroom.  Our client wanted cowhide for the chair, and for the rest, she trusted our judgement and expertise in terms of paint finishes and final touches. Our suggestion was that she choose the cowhide first and we would then custom mix, paint and finish the frame to match in a suitable colour. 

When we pulled apart this chair we found that it was padded with straw, and lined with sack , making it even more authentic and interesting. We decided to put the straw back in, as we thought it would make a great story behind the piece,  then re-padded over it to give it, it's functionality and form for  modern day living. The bottom of the chair and springs were also redone.  

When the cow hide was chosen, we were very inspired to say the least. The entire frame of the chair was hand painted in a blended old white to compliment the stunning gold metallic hide. We aged the frame and finish using various techniques and heavily waxed the piece to accentuate the ornate detailing around the chair in keeping with it's style, and our clients brief. Individual antique copper brown studs were used to frame off and compliment the beautiful hide. 

The end result is a completely bespoke and beautiful feature character chair, with incredible ornate detailing that has been further enhanced through its paint finish. A great showcase of the beautiful gold and tan cowhide, every element tying in and balancing each other off beautifully like it was meant to be. A great revival for a great client and another one we are proud of.  


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