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Mix it Up

When it comes to crockery and serve-ware we are big fans of mixing it up. Adding interest, style and flair to the dining table. From Nordic designs and designers through to classic and bold pieces. Find key pieces to mix into your exisiting collection and elevate your dining experience at home. Let us know what your after and we can even help to design and curate a beautiful collection from leading suppliers and designers for your home. 

The Magic Olive Soap

Authentically made from the Rampal Latour Soap Factory in France running since 1828. It's all the rage amongst our customers in the TR Gallery at the moment. Not only is it great for the body and skin, beeing  100% natural. It also works as a natural stain remover making it ideal for cleaning and laundry and lately it's been a fave for cleaning paint and wax brushes like magic whilst leaving  pure bristle brushes soft and conditioned. It's a true everything soap. This little piece of France is available both online and in the TR Gallery  

What will you find at the TR Gallery + Studio

Above all else creativity; from the TR consultants right through to the most important people our passionate customers. It’s not just a retail shop, nor just a furniture or paint shop. It is however definitely an experience in creative interiors and luxury furniture, and without a doubt a place where colour and style are everything.

Expect to enjoy the following at Taylored Revival; Bespoke furniture including exclusively the Artisan Collection, a one of a kind Paint Studio, a large demonstration paint bar, Decorative lighting, Belgian rugs, Handles and hardware in many finishes and styles, European soaps and fragrances made from traditional methods, a range of stunning designer cushions all with NZ feather inners, high quality everlast florals and bouquets, all accompanied by a carefully curated range of Homeware and decor to finish it off..

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