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As apart of our clients renovation/ redecoration we were commissioned to revive this dining table suite, the concept was to tie it in with the coffee table revival that was within this open plan space. A french line concept was agreed upon which was a colour inspired by the existing upholstery and the rug on the floor. New linen curtains and blinds were also apart of the revival for this space so this was also something we had to take into consideration for the concept of this revival. 

Hand painted completely in french linen we lightly distressed and detailed with clear and dark wax, pulling the dark wax right up to the edge of the table top but leaving the table surface fresh and clean in french linen. The legs of the chairs were carefully revived into french linen to match the suite. 

A lovely revival that fit beautifully in the space and another one we are very proud of. Thank  you to our client who allowed us to take a photo in situ.
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