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After viewing our work in the gallery our clients came to us with some ideas for a possible revival for their armoire. A beautiful and solid quality piece of furniture that had been originally custom built for them many years ago. As they were in the midst of substantial home renovation it seemed that unfortunately this piece no longer fitted the new style and decor of their home. We discussed possible finishes and colours and provided examples and inspirations for our clients. As they were undecided and unsure on the finish and colours we provided an onsite consult so that we could get a better idea of where the piece was going to be located and its surrounding environment, and together we made some firm decisions on colours and finish to best accentuate the piece and the new style of our clients home.

Our clients have a beautiful coastal inspired home with expansive views of the water, one of the great features in their home is the "cape cod" planked ceilings and it was clear that in their renovations they were trying capsulate a chic coastal style home. They wanted the armoire to be made more modern and "beachy" but still retain it's character and history. They liked the styles of the french armoires we showed them and suggested a coastal inspired colour scheme with a french provincial finish. As this was such a large piece, we were commissioned to do the work onsite at our clients home. 


Hand painted in a blue grey, with white detailing on the bevelled edges of the cupboard doors, sides and drawers. The handles have been reworked to keep in theme with the revival and have also been hand painted and rubbed back to let the original gold tones show through. The inside of the drawers have been kept a beautiful crisp coastal white as were the faces of the shelves. 

The revival has enhanced the original shape and craftsmanship of the piece taking advantage of the unique kauri construction and detailing; overall another revival that we are very proud of.

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