TR Service counter in Victorian Black No Seal Paint with textured & aged Champagne Gold front.

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Our second counter in the TR Gallery gets a revival for 2019, a piece that shows a great contradiction in its finishes...smooth and textured, it’s a beautiful mix. The top, bottom and sides of the sideboard finished in Vintro Victorian Black No Seal Paint, a beautiful matte silky paint that requires no waxing or lacquering, an outdoor grade paint that can take the heat of the sun and water spills and pools. The No seal paint is a self  levelling paint that goes on creamy and glossy and then levels out and dries to a beautiful matte finish with a slight sheen, a silky feel and a great paint for those looking for a flat / smooth finish. Just paint and leave to dry and your done....

The front and drawers of the piece has been finished in Champagne Gold Metallic painted on with texture by brushing in all direction. The Champagne Gold created by mixing Vintro Silver and Gold Metallic Paint together. To age we mixed Vintro Dark wax with Victorian Black, providing a beautiful age and warmth to the piece. 

A great revival that sits beautifully next to our Aubergine doors and pairs beautifully with our main service counter which also has Champagne Gold on it. 

Another great example of how you can create your bespoke feature piece, whether it be for your home or business

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