Georgie- Perfectly imperfect occasional table

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This table arrived with alot of surface imperfections but was solidly made. The imperfections became the inspiration for it's total revival. It's surface imperfections have been enhanced by distressing it even further and highlighting them with various painting and sanding techniques. Multiple layers of colours and bare wood have been allowed to come through to shade and bring out it's imperfectly perfect markings. New markings and imperfections were also added to complete the total style and look. Beautiful wood carving and detailing on the legs.Lots of beautiful curves right around the table. Painted with contrasting hard wearing paints of french blue, white and brown. The uncommon marriage of colours makes this little table a striking and unique piece that will be a one off. Throughout it's revival I've often thought that it would make a beautiful side table or occasional table in a kids bedroom,where ever it ends up it will most certainly be an eye catching piece in the room.
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