Emily- hand painted Antique wardrobe


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Emily is one of our imported pieces found by our Antique agents in the UK and now sitting proudly in our Furniture Gallery. Beautifully built and crafted by Waring and Gillow there is a nice little story behind this piece. This double door free standing wardrobe still holds all the authentic markings showing that it is a Waring and Gillow piece. The externals have been hand painted in a custom blend of 50% Pure White and 50% French Linen, with Pure white detailing. Lightly distressed with it's beautiful craftsmanship enhanced further through wax work. The inners have been beautifully detailed in a custom blend of 50% Graphite and 50% Pure White. Original hooks and rods still strongly in place inside the wardrobe. A beautiful free standing piece, of a versatile size for a double door wardrobe. A unique piece you wont find any where else

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