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Our client used this desk daily for their work but was looking as part of a refresh of the room to restyle it. Given it was a functional piece lots of thought went into the colour pairings and also in making it a robust timeless design.

Each draw was removed and stripped of hardware and then finished in a black internal with carefully layered waxwork to give it durability, as well as giving it a modern edge and contrast to the externals.

Our client wanted a highly distressed finish, and to ensure we got the correct level of distressing, it was agreed that our client would be called in during this process to make sure we were on the same page.

When our client came into review we discussed the various levels of distressing and how it would effect the overall look and we gave our recommendations. Our client was able to get a better idea of the end result which was a distressed yet refined piece. 

The tray knobs were originally silver and were hand painted and dulled down to match the rest of the vintage hardware, a low cost but very effective way for this revival and a great way to pull things in together. 

The end result of which we at TR are very proud of is a beautifully functional desk with loads of storage and character, all with a modern twist and something which will now take pride of place as a central component of the room makeover.


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