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As a part of our clients redecoration/renovation, she wanted to change the dated orange tones in her furniture and give it a fresh revival but have some character.  Her sideboard and TV unit  and mirror were given the same treatment by hand painting it in pure white, lightly distressed and detailed around the edges but still keeping the look refined and not too shabby chic and worn. The hardware on the sideboard was reworked by muting it in white and allowing peeps of the original gold tones to show through around the outline.

Two pieces in the living areas and one for the bedroom that created a huge impact, lightning and brighting the room and keeping within the brief. 

Thank you to our client for allowing us to take a photo of the sideboard in situ. Was a lovely feeling to be a part of a renovation and see our revivals in place. A couple of revivals we are very proud of. 

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