Commissioned Sideboard in Paris Grey and White

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A gorgeous commissioned revival for our client. Large sideboard beautifully crafted and given a revival as part of entire dining room concept. Hand painted in a textured rustic finish in Paris Grey, then colour washed with a blend of Paris Grey and Graphite, and then again with a subtle pure white wash.  Clear and dark waxed then dry brushed over in paris grey then clear waxed. The carving and detailing were gold gilded with Annie Sloan gold sizing then washed over with Paris grey and Pure White White. The paint finish was then sanded back in areas to allow the layers and different tones to show through. What was once a "wood heavy" piece of furniture has now been revived with a mix of "coastal french rustic" style in mind.  The handles were changed to classic simple dark knobs which were then white washed to fit in with the revival. This piece will now sit beautifully with an upcoming dining suite revival for our client. The piece will now lighten and brighten our clients room. A gorgeous revival, being sympathetic to it's craftsmanship, enhancing the details and lightning the piece with an authentic hand painted finish.

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