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Our client came to us inspired and wanting a revival for her set of nest tables. Her idea was that she wanted bright colours, which we were excited about, we spoke about how we could still work with bright colours but still make them "character" pieces and non retro. Originally the idea was to paint the table tops in different colours, but after looking at the set and finding out that they are usually left stacked together we spoke about changing this around and painting the legs in vibrant colours and leaving the tops consistent in an off aged white, that way when stacked the set  will be visually effective in colour.  Each piece was hand painted in yellow, blue and green using brushwork to create texture and depth, we used various techniques to give it a slight age including our wax systems.

The result is an eye catching modern yet characterful set of nest tables. This set is now able to sit beautifully in a modern space but still hold its character. A lovely revival we are once again very proud of.


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