Commissioned Kitchen doors, finished in Annie Sloan waxes

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These doors were beautifully sandblasted to a natural finish and were brought in for us to finish in a natural rustic style using Annie Sloan waxes. Annie Sloan waxes work beautifully on natural wood, giving you a natural authentic finish. It can be used to accentuate the natural texture/ wood grains and colour. From a maintenance point of view, if you ever get damage to a varnish or polyurethane ( we are all familiar with ring marks) you will have to sand down the entire piece and re-varnish /re- polyurethane. With Annie Sloan waxes you can spot repair, by working the wax into the damaged area to soften the spot and when it re-hardens it will repair any damage ie: ring marks. For these reasons when creating a natural wooden finish, we are big fans of using Annie Sloan waxes as finishing product. With these doors we used both clear and dark wax, brushed on with Annie Sloan's wax brush. They have come up beautifully, accentuating the texture, natural grains and creating a beautiful natural rich colour.  

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