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Our clients came to us wanting a revival on a very large, solid and unique cabinet. Beautifully made overseas in a rustic style, it's size called for an in house job where we had organised to do the revival onsite. Our clients were looking for a revival that would fit into their redecorating plans. It was a solid piece that needed softening.  A lighter colour on such a large piece would help to lighten the room and that was what our client wanted. We were also commissioned to do the legs of a large 10 seater dining table with the same treatment, (unfortunately we couldn't quite get the photos done to share).

This piece has been hand painted and distressed all in a rustic style to suit. All the studs and metal work were rubbed back to complete the distressed look and add a rustic element to it. We then carefully colour washed every edge, ridge and bevelled surface with a custom mix to create depth, shadow and soften the crisp white as well as give it a slight aged look . The end result was a revival on a quality piece of furniture that fitted into its environment beautifully and looked stunning against the floors . The objective of lightening and opening up the room through this revival was also achieved. With our paints being odourless doing an onsite job was a non event, and our clients left and came back home to a completely different cabinet (and table). Another one we are very proud of.

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