Commissioned Hall table & Bentwood

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We did an onsite colour consult with our client for several pieces, one of the concepts we came up together was reviving these two pieces for the entrance area. Using the bentwood as more of a decorative piece to place a vase or feature decor on and having the two marry together through the same colour and finish. 

Graphite was the agreed colour which was inspired by and used to tie in with a beautiful set of  large silver and black picture frames that were off to the side of the entrance area. We wanted to give it a modern touch but with an aged feel. The table and chair were hand painted then wax work was done to give the colour richness and depth as well as being able to accentuate detailing on the bentwood chair and edges of the hall table. The handles were replaced with beautiful solid vintage style pewter coloured handles, which we sourced for our client for the revival.

These two pieces will now re-enter our clients home and take front and center place within the entrance area, a beautiful revival on solid pieces of furniture giving them a gorgeous new lease on life. 

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