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A long term client of ours was in our gallery consulting with us on a project; however when she spotted this chair (one of set of two un-revived) she was drawn to it. We had a fun discussion around the history of it and gave her a description of our vision for the revival.  She had been after a bedroom chair for a long time, and the next day we were commissioned to do the chair for her.

We discussed the possibilities for colours and finishes and ultimately took some inspiration from a mirror we had in the gallery where the final layer of paint was rubbed back to allow the base gold to peep through. We also looked through fabric samples and a stunning designers guild fabric, sussex noir was chosen, a beautiful textile range that Taylored Revival has access to. The fabric has a beautiful geometric design with subtle metallics through the lines which tied in beautifully with the colour of the frame and the accentuated rubbed gold finish. The fabric was modern but quite regal with its hint of metallic lines and importantly was very much in keeping with the revival theme - "a bit of new with a bit of old" 

The frame has been hand painted, aged, detailed and waxed to accentuate its beautifully crafted solid carving. The straw that we pulled out of the seat was restored and put back in with extra padding for modern day living along with the springs and jute webbing all being tightened.  

Overall this has been a revival that was created just for our client. She now owns a solid wood chair, with wonderful craftsmanship and a unique history. A classic ornate chair with a modern twist but all very much in keeping the piece and style. Another revival we are very proud of.
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