Commissioned farmhouse chic dining table


Sold Out

Our longtime existing client had this kauri dining table on castors, extremely solid and well built. The piece is almost  an antique in its own right with at least 70 years of known family history and character markings to match. This revival was intended to match the new style of our clients dining area which included a set of new black iron cross back chairs but also with a theme of "farmhouse with a touch of chic".

Hand painted legs and skirting in Graphite and deep blue black, hand detailed to allow peeps of the Kauri tones to show through the legs. We carefully colour blended the wax work to create a deeper black tone in selected parts of the skirting and legs which added depth to the colour and created an antique black look. The table top was sanded back to the beautiful raw Kauri and its natural hue was enhanced through our wax application. The unique clear wax helped to really enhance the natural colour tones and then we finished off with Dark rustic wax sparingly applied to the edging.

We absolutely loved the concept and the style and is certainly another one we are very proud of.

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