Commissioned Drawers in layered blues with a subtle black glaze

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 This unique piece has been revived and reinvented in a bespoke feature piece for our clients living space. Originally in a dark stain with sharp square edges, but uniquely designed. Going into a neutral light bright and white space. We drew inspiration from the accent colours in the living area being pale blues and greens in the upholstery of an armchair, also the colours subtly found in the print hanging above it. 

An involved finish was undertaken to completely transform the piece. To revive the highly varnished and square piece into a feature we used texture by hand painting the piece in Vintro Aurora, using a Vintro pure bristle brush. A series of colour washes in Duck Egg, Harewood and Chiswick House was then applied to layer and create depth in the colour and finish. Then a series of Vintro glaze was applied by created by mixing Vintro Extreme Gloss lacquer with water and midnight to highlight the texture and deepen the blues and pull the colours together. The entire piece has then been finished in a tinted gloss lacquer. By adding a drop of Aurora to the gloss lacquer, creating a glossy tinted yet transparent layer. The edges further detailed in silver. Over all creating a beautiful textured and layered rustic look but elegantly finished in a gloss lacquer. 

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