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Our clients had a quality dining suite constructed of solid Rimu and Rubber Wood that was purchased a number of years ago. The suite had strong warm honey coloured tones that no longer fitted into the home. An onsite consultation was held to get a better idea of the room, space and to ensure the right colour and finish were selected.  We discussed various options, finishes and colours but it was clear upon arriving that an antiqued black dining suite would look beautiful in the space and would tie into the neighbouring step down second lounge area, the dining lights and the dark window frames in the area. 

The table, chair frames and side tables were all hand painted in Graphite, a blue based black then lightly distressed to allow the warm Rimu colours to come through and contrast against the black paint finish adding character and a slight aged feel to the suite. Careful waxwork further accentuated all the bevels, ridges and edges as well as making the suite extremely durable for dining use. The chairs were recovered in a beautiful textured charcoal linen, modernising and complementing the elegant antique look.

This was a big transformation and it was great to see the concept come to life and see it fit beautifully back into its space. The dining suite looked like it was purchased for its space and now sits as a beautiful feature in it's open plan space. Another revival we are very proud of. 

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