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Coffee tables are often the heart of the lounge it's the central point of the area.  a great piece to start with and chalk paint™ by Annie Sloan will give you the freedom and opportunity to tie it in with it's surrounding decor whether that be  with the accent colours, muting the piece in a neutral or making it a statement in a bold contrast colour.  This solid coffee table had nothing wrong with it  except it no longer fitted in with our clients new decor, and it is hard to find the "perfect" coffee table in the colour and finish you want. Our clients coffee table sit's amongst a large earthy linen lounge suite, we agreed with the colour section of Annie Sloan's French Linen, a brown based grey, a neutral colour which goes with just about any other colour but it this particular case would tone in well with the dark brown linen couch. Hand painted with a slight textured top and clear and dark waxed.  The handle was changed to a dark cast brass vintage style handle to tie in with it's neighbouring black fireplace. Now a lovely piece which looks like it was purchased or made for our client's space rather than be the odd piece out
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