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As apart of a redecoration/ renovation, our client wanted to have her coffee table revived and remove the orange tones that were too strong and dated for her renovated space. An onsite consult was held and this piece is a part of  a collection of revivals we were commissioned to do for her. French linen was chosen as a colour to tie into with the dining table that  we were also doing in french linen. A highly distressed rustic white coloured top was agreed upon. 

We hand painted the coffee table legs and skirting in french linen, distressed and detailed with clear and dark wax accentuating the turned legs. The top was hand painted in an old white base with pure white then pulled back to allow the old white to show through. This allowed the pure white to fit in with the other pieces in her home and the old white was used as way to give it an aged look, a tone that would tie in with the existing couches but still keeping the piece within the correct colour pallette with the pure white for her home. The edges were distressed and the strong orange tones were only allowed to show around the edges. Distressed style brushwork was created for the top to add depth and texture and we waxed over just the edges to complete that rustic finish. 

A beautiful  and "character - full "transformation another one we are very proud of.
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