Commissioned Coat hook/umbrella stand

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This very tall coat hook stand came to us from Herne Bay. A solid and nostalgic piece that required some repair and had amazing potential for a Taylored Revival. After we collected the piece, our client came in for her consultation where we spoke about possible colours,  finish and the repair work required. The original mirror was old, imperfect and covered in age spots. We decided to replace this with a new bevelled edge glass mirror. The top panel needed reattaching as well as one of the the umbrella holes.  Colour swatches were done to help our client visualise the end result. 

Hand painted in duck egg blue, then slightly aged using various techniques, gave this piece a more modern colour but still in keeping with it's style and era. The original hooks were put back in place and the inner of the box was contrasted in an off white. A very large statement piece that was done specifically for the clients hallway entrance  will now stand gracefully in its place. Another one we are very proud of. 

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