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Our client had this little gem in need of a revival. It was completely stripped with only the springs intact however when we saw it we knew it had the potential to be a stunning feature piece. Our client came into the gallery and we spoke about some possible options, but their was one chair in gallery that grabbed their attention, they loved our chair Genevieve. So the vision was clear from the start and we used Genevieve as the source of inspiration. 

Hand painted in a dark blue/black and then detailed and darkened further to create depth in colour and accentuate the detailing in the chair. The entire back and seat had been rebuilt and covered with a gorgeous designer marimekko textile then studded with black and brass antique studs. 

A complete and gorgeous revival, we loved watching the transformation take place. Our client now has a beautiful feature chair, bespoke and unique. A great balance of old but new and another revival we are very proud of. 


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