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A long term existing client was after a bookshelf and during one of their visits to the gallery spoke to us about this. We had a large bookshelf stored off site ready for reviving, basically a bigger version of the one we had in our gallery housing our candles. They were looking at a few pieces, therefore we decided an onsite consult was the best way forward for this project to better get an idea on the room and ensure that it was the right piece and that we would get the correct colour pairing for the project.  

The room it was going into has beautiful high ceilings that would take a bookshelf of this size and also  an earthy colour palette with beautiful crisp white detailing in the Scotia, skirting and doors. The carpet was also earthy with very subtle beige tones. Colours and paint finishes were decided during the onsite consultation, and our lovely clients put a lot of trust in us to go forward with the project without even having seen the bookcase themselves.

The bookshelf is made of reclaimed wood so has a beautiful country style rustic surface, perfect for this revival. It has been hand painted in a beautiful earthy beige colour, with contrasting crisp white to keep in theme with the rooms detailing in the scotias, skirting and doors.  

We pulled out the very subtle beige tones from the carpet, feature wall and a small light wooden unit they had in the room into the bookshelf which would help to lift those subtle tones in the room and have everything tie in together beautifully once it was in place. We did wax work and detailing with an aged finish to the outside of the bookshelf, creating depth and shades in the colour. We kept the internals crisp and fresh in a pure white to tie into the rooms detailing in the scotias, skirting and surrounding doors.  The end result was a beautiful large bookshelf, revived specifically for our clients room and style and when delivered looked like it had always been there. Another revival we are very proud of. 

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