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Our lovely clients approached us about the possibility of reviving their bathroom vanities as they wanted to add character into their bathroom and break away from the flat white commercial white vanities. We were very interested in this project from the outset and when our clients mentioned that they were interested in a yellow theme, we were very inspired.  We sent mood boards of cabinets, vanities and bathrooms that had been done in the yellow and colour palettes around this tone to give them a feel for what could be achieved.

Our client had also sent through images of their bathroom and through these photos we felt that the bathroom would be able to take yellow beautifully; being a contemporary bathroom with its wet sand coloured floors and crisp white walls. A character vanity would make a great feature and sit beautifully in the space and most certainly take it away from being a typical factory white vanity.

We wanted to make sure that the yellow vanities would be the best choice for our clients so we offered to do an onsite consult to get a better feel  of our clients home, decor and style. When we arrived it was clear why they were thinking yellow. A beautiful space with contemporary white walls and floors, well dressed and thought out with great pops of colour throughout the house. Reviving the white vanities into a character yellow was very fitting for our clients, their home and their style and this all helped give us a better idea on on the type of finish we would do to suit the space.

The floating vanities have been hand painted in layers, a base of charcoal and topcoats of yellow with careful brushwork adding colour, depth and texture all in helping to create a character wood finish. The units have then been carefully layered with wax applications applied with various techniques to age, add further depth and character as well as making it extremely durable. The handles were left as they were and took on a different persona against the character yellow and provided the contemporary touches that helped to tie the whole environment together. 

The end result was two beautifully revived vanities in a refined yellow that fit beautifully in their space. The vanities now have beautiful depth and interest and are completely bespoke to our clients home and style. They have been transformed from being white shiny manufactured vanities to character pieces with a completely different surface and texture, similar to that of a wooden unit.  A revival we were very excited and proud to be apart of.
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