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Our existing client had this mirror in a room. This cheval mirror had a beautiful nostalgic charm to it, with its beautiful detailing in the  frame and a narrow long oval mirror. It was the odd piece out in the room with its wooden frame as the room was redecorated into a beautiful coastal style, and had a very light colour palette running through it.  We had previously worked on side tables for our client in a custom blended off white for the same room, so this mirror was calling to be tied into the room with a revival as well. To keep in theme with the room we colour matched it, to our previous work and very very lightly distressed it to further add character and slight age to the piece, the entire piece was hand painted and gained a beautiful texture and finish from it. We kept the entire mirror clean with a coastal cottage feel. It now fits and sits beautifully amongst the other pieces in the room and is a great little revival showcasing how a classic piece can be revived into a more modern style but still keep its charm. Another gorgeous revival we are proud of.
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