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A lovely revival for our client as part of an interior design project, who was looking for a small feature cabinet for her dining/kitchen area. With sizing restriction it was difficult to find a feature piece in the size she was after. After discussing with us what she was after, a piece was selected from the TR Gallery modifying it slightly by removing the handles for a perfect fit, then commissioning a paint finish to suit the kitchen and dining area. With a white, pewter and charcoal colour way in the area, the piece was revived with a completely different take for a perfect fit. 

Hand painted in Midnight Chalk Paint then we used a mix of Vintro Metallic Silver and Midnight together to create a pewter metallic paint, and brushed this over midnight, we then created a custom metallic wax mix by using Midnight, Victorian Black, Silver and Vintro Clear wax and brushed this over allowing it to darken, detail and enhance the open grain wood. Video on how to complete this look can be viewed by clicking here 

Overall a stunning & functional bespoke kitchen/dining piece, modified to be the perfect size for the space. 

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