Cherie : Two tone metallic carved set of drawers



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This well proportioned chest of drawers is very finely detailed with carving on each and every draw. Drawing inspiration from many areas, certainly a little french but also a hint of small almost Celtic carving. She is a beautiful piece, carved and constructed from solid Mahogany and part of the exclusive Artisan Collection. Each draw has been beautifully carved and crafted.

Finished and hand painted in the TR Studio into a beautiful bespoke piece, utilising metallics and glazes, the frame is in a gun metal metallic with the drawers contrasted subtly in an oyster metallic. The carved detailing and hardware has then been finished in a tin silver finish. There is  beautiful variation and depth to the metallics finished using both brown and black wax. 

Cherie is a classic and timeless piece balanced with a modern metallic finish. A metallic piece of furniture is a neutral piece in itself having the ability to easily fit in with an existing decor or colourway. Being from The Artisan Collection, Cherie is a piece that will have the ability to elevate, add style and inject character a gorgeous bespoke piece for anyinterior space. 

Dimensions: W135 x D53 x H80

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