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An absolute must for applying Soft Wax; these brushes will ensure you use the right amount of wax and half as much as you would use otherwise.  a rag or other. They are pure bristle Wax Brushes which feature short, ergonomic handles to make working wax into paintwork easier than ever. They are shaped to a point so you can get wax into detailed areas and move around in tight spaces. The point is shaped rather than cut making use of the natural split end of the bristle, resulting in these brushes being the best performing and longest lasting wax brushes on the market. We know we have tested them for years and years now and we wouldn't be without them in the TR Studio.

They come in two sizes;

  • Small is your all purpose with a flat base on the handle for standing up when waxing. 
  • Large is for larger projects like kitchens, walls etc.

Over time many people get two seperate brushes; one for lighter waxes and one for dark but you can start with one and clean well between use. These beautiful brushes will clean up really well in warm water and dishwashing detergent and a little elbow grease; alternatively we use our natural Olive Oil based soaps to great effect.

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