Rea: Aged Metallic Champagne gold cabinet

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Rea is a cabinet brought over from the UK as part of the TR Antique Collection. She comes with plenty of history and is made of Solid Wood. Originally a  beautiful little piece  with great shape and bones but with imperfections on the glass ... We have revived her from a glass display to a closed cabinet using Vintro Luxury Paints (yes Chalk Paint sticks to glass) covering some of her flaws and bringing out the rest making her imperfectly perfect . In keeping with her history we have chosen a rustic and aged finish in metallics making her now a striking bespoke feature piece for any room. 

Such a great before and after that we have included the before image 

What we did: 
Interiors have been finished in Vintro No Seal Chalk Paint, providing a lovely smooth, deep and rich luxurious finish for the internals 2 coats with no sanding or priming on the glass, wooden frame and material backing 
Externals hand painted firstly in Vintro Chalk Paint in Albert Bridge as we were originally had a rose gold finish planned but then changed course so would recommend  Old lace or Stonebreaker Chalk Paint as a good base for a Champagne gold finish , over the glass and wooden frame. 
Saw dust was then mixed in with Vintro Chalk Paint  in a bowl and this was stippled onto the glass to create the unique texture while the paint on the glass was wet
Vintro Silver and Vintro Gold were mixed together to create a champagne gold and was applied over the externals  
Aged with both dark and Victorian Black Wax 
Lightly detailed further with gilding waxes in copper and gold  

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