Commissioned Hutch Dresser in Vintro Chalk Paint with a silver lustre

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A beautiful piece with sentimental value has been given a taylored revival for our long time client. A hutch dresser that our client wanted to use in her home but did not fit in with the styling and decor has been revived, placing her trust in us we had the freedom to do what we visualised with the space with the only request being a "silvery" look. We took into  account the colours and furnishings  in the room, the crockery that will be displayed in  and the decor used in the room it's going into. We wanted to create something that will be elegantly as a sentimental piece, create a softness for room using neutral colours that will tone in with neighbouring lounge suite and walls. Creating a beautiful and elegant feature piece for our clients space


What we did: 

Hand painted with subtle texture using a damp staalmeester brush in Tower Bridge on the external, a blended wax of clear mixed with dark for added depth, a Tower bridge coloured wax back over it to lighten and create further depth. A lustre created by using Vintro Clear wax mixed with Vintro Silver metallic and brushed over for a sheer blanket of silver lustre over the entire piece. Finished and framed off with silver gilding wax on the edges and leadlight on the glass doors, the handles painted in Vintro Silver and detailed with silver gilding wax. 

The internals have been simply finished in Vintro No Seal Chalk paint in Champagne Waltz. 

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