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A wonderful revival for our client of this sentimental dining table, who had this table made for her over 20 years ago, solid and well made she was unable to part with it but required a revival for it to suit into her newly renovated space. A Solid Rimu table where over time the  orange tone was too strong and over powering the room with sun fade and damage. An in store consultation was held, and a concept was created for her dining room suite.  Our client wanted a wood look but something a little more contemporary but still classic, she wanted "something a little driftwood like" and slightly beachy being that her home was on an esplanade.  We took into consideration the  nearby drift wood like floors where they were in line of sight from the dining room and  created a few samples for her to hold up against her floors to ensure we had the correct toning, once decided we went on to complete the revival. Over all creating an elegant table, with softer more neutral tones, our client was still able to have the wood look that tied in with the nearby floors with a base that helped to create a coastal feel. 

What we did:

The Top : Hand painted in Stonebreaker Chalk Paint using a Staalmeester 3600 brush pulling the paint in a linear direction to create texture 
Followed by Vintro Dark wax to deepened then variation was created with Vintro Coloured Waxes in the following order : Pebble then Stonebreaker coloured wax. 
The finish was left to settle, steel wooled and buffed to a beautiful mid sheen for dining use. 
Legs: Painted in Aurora with Stonebreaker coloured wax, creating a beautiful dusky blue finish. 

Note: Our client has no young children and the dining table is often used mainly for formal dining therefore a decorative waxed finish was selected  after going through the options. A wax finish is durable and water repellant and wipeable & strong. However if you have young children and the dining table gets used hard, requiring spraying and cleaning throughout the day  we would recommend a lacquered finish. The same finish can be achieved through Vintro glazes & lacquers.  

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