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We are ending the 2018 with a very special commission project, a desk for a a very  deserving girl, we wanted to be involved and be apart of creating this special Xmas Present. With a small room there wasn't much room for a desk and certainly none that looked half decent. We were  asked if we could really transform anything, even  a  "plain straight boring desk"  and of course our answer was yes, yes. We love absolutely love this revival as even though most of this year our time has been spent on commissions and the artisan collection. This project really shows all the possibilities when it comes to Vintro Luxury Paints... and a little imagination. This is a table purchased for $30 from Kmart, taking into account the girls personality and her favourite colours, it has been completely revived and given a whole lot of jazz and personality. 


Hand painted with Vintro  rose gold mixed with Vintro gold on the legs, the top hand painted in a stunning Coral by mixing Saffron + Valentine+ Madame DePompadour  then ombre'd out to a Madame De Pompadour. The top stencilled with a distressed gold Morrocan style pattern. The shelf underneath hand painted in coral then coloured waxed with Madame De Pompadour giving the plain desk a completely bespoke revival. Showing that even the plainest pieces can be given the TR touch :-) 


Note: Flat pack items, may sometimes contain silica based sprays, which is often applied on the corners to minimise damage when flat pack, this will cause any paint to bead when applied. If this happens, which did with this desk, you will first need to apply Vintro lacquer to the affected areas prior to painting. 


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