Tinted Waxes - It's a game changer

Posted on July 18 2018

Tinted Waxes - It's a game changer

There are so many ways to create interest and depth when reviving a piece of furniture; you can colour wash, add rustic wax or maybe a glaze. But something that has not been considered in earnest is tinting of soft waxes; this has always been due to limitations of products. That has all changed now with the unique combination of highly pigmented Vintro Chalk Paint™ paired with Vintro Soft wax. 

A tinted wax really is nothing short of a game changer; easier to apply than a colour wash or glaze and with no additional products or special tools needed. Vintro Soft wax has such a unique texture and composition, many say it resembles warm butter gliding on effortlessly for simple finishes, the real magic happens when combined with some highly pigmented paint and mixed (even in proportions ranging from 1:1 right through to 1:8) it creates an easily workable, spreadable coloured wax that looks good enough to eat. You can work in large sections spreading it on with a Pure Bristle brush before gently feathering the excess wax off.

Now with tinted axes you can take a simple white and apply a mid grey wax (e.g. Dove) and this will create the depth that a simple white lacked. Perhaps you pair a Mid blue like Chiswick House as a base with a tinted Deep Blue like Nightfall; the options are endless. It also allows you to create continuity between pieces and style interiors with subtle colours.

To check out more inspiration have a look here or to buy Vintro Chalk Paint™ and waxes have a look here

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