The Artisan Collection it’s a new way of doing old…(sneak peek and updates)

Posted on December 13 2017

The Artisan Collection it’s a new way of doing old…(sneak peek and updates)

It has been so exciting to see The Artisan Collection coming together. A project that has been so close to our hearts,  coming into fruition… bursting to life and almost ready to arrive at TR.

We’re excited to release a few more sneak peeks of  The Artisan Collection currently in progress. After having worked so closely with many different types of furniture over the years from a wide range of era’s, Antiques, NZ made, imported Teaks, new and modern, we hold a firm thesis on what it is we like and don’t like about furniture, working with furniture that range from 1 to 30 up to well over a 100 old years we have been able to study construction methods; we get to see first hand which areas warp or distort, what materials wear and function well and which designs stand the test of time functionally and in style.  The Artisan Collection is a culmination of  our experience, knowledge and everything we love about high quality furniture brought to the table and collaborated on with generations of furniture craftsman creating TR’s The Artisan Collection . Each piece in the collection is hand crafted and carved by Artisans using only the best legally sourced Solid Mahogany. The highest quality product is achieved by an uncompromising process from the way the runners are made to the solid wood components and joints on drawers, we believe this is cherished furniture for life and most definitely not part of the “flat-pack fad”. Everything is constructed using traditional methods but with proven quality processes of twice kiln dried to 8-10% moisture; the designs are classic derivatives, timeless and traditional yet with a contemporary twist. Overall the designs draw inspiration from the centuries of evolution in styles and construction. We like to think these pieces will also one day become Antiques and heirlooms in their own right, just like the many that we have worked on in the past.

Pair all of  this with Taylored Revival and our completely unique TR Studio; where for over 6 years now we have been quietly setting the revolution and benchmark in beautifully hand painted and detailed furniture. TR has been fortunate to be involved in many numerous and exciting customers projects over the years, where we have worked on formulating concepts, creating, visualising and using our “creative interiors” approach to help our customers achieve there interior designs. At TR we are a little contrarian in our approach; we believe the word “style” is not set by what’s on-trend but should rather be a reflection of the owner’s home, personality, vision and purpose for their interior space. The Artisan Collection are all hand painted and detailed in the renowned TR Studio by NZ Artisan’s specifically for you and your home. The Artisan Collection is not just furniture, it is a completely new concept which we are so excited to be exclusively bringing to New Zealand and perfectly dovetails (excuse the pun) with our Creative Interiors concepts.

Selecting and commissioning your piece  from The Artisan Collection will start with a visit to the TR Gallery and Studio in East Auckland. Our highly experienced creative consultants will guide you all the way through, helping you with colours and finishes based on your interiors.  Pin pointing areas to detail and enhance using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ and other decorative mediums, preparing colour ways and creating a concept for a truely bespoke piece, designed for you and your home. Here you will select colours, textures, metallic waxes and glazes. Should you choose to further customise with alternative handles or other customisations this can all be done, there are no limits and this is all part of the package. It’s a fun, unique and exciting way to shop, and emphasises on our philosophy of bespoke furniture to suit and reflect the individual, where no two will ever be the exact same.  The end result with be a completely bespoke piece of furniture beautifully finished by Artisan’s all the way through and styled to suit you and your home. Something you can treasure within your family for many years to come. The Artisan Collection is coming to Taylored Revival with over 150 pieces due to arrive very soon we look forward to welcoming you into the TR Gallery soon. 

 The Artisan Collection is available on pre-order and in-store in Early 2018, so make sure to keep in contact and watch this space. Included within the range is also an option to create custom pieces at the time of construction; if you need something specific in size or purpose  we can work with you on it please just enquire.

Here’s our work in progress for The Artisan Collection,

Mirrors will beautifully carved in solid Mahogany, made the way they use to be, there’s a reason why the “old” original gold gilded mirrors weigh a tonne compared to new mirrors, they are carved from solid wood.

Lots of designs coming through, these are just a couple


Taking traditional shapes and carving styles but adding a twist with the tray.


Beautiful feature bed. Authentically styled but with a nod to Rococo designs it featuring fine detailing and a flowing filigree a beautiful base for either an edgy modern finish or a more traditional classic paint finish, would also be stunning with a rustic, textured and layered finish. IMG_6144

Another stunning feature bed in progress, completely crafted and carved from solid wood Mahogany IMG_6214

Beautiful sets of drawers in all shapes and sizes , ready to finished and revived to suite your interior space. IMG_6215

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