It's time to make history

Posted on February 28 2019

It's time to make history

There is something quite special about designing and decorating your home and kiwis have always loved filling our houses with things that make us feel happy, special or that bring back memories. As humans we change and go through the stages of life; leaving home, flats, first house, family home etc we slowly and with no real plan in place collect furniture; often to meet the necessities at first and then for more aesthetic and practical reasons as we develop. We know all too well about this "eclectic style" as people often gingerly explain it to us; we have helped so many people coordinate, restyle and repurpose there interiors over the years; and we love doing it. We firmly believe in bespoke furniture, but we also believe in quality, luxury and making your house your home. One thing we know is that people love being part of the process, designing and discussing furniture and then valuing it in there home, it's a different result and experience from buying a box and going home to assemble a flatpack, one is an experience and the other is just spending money.

As much as we love bespoke furniture it wasn't actually our idea at all; its not even a new idea to be honest. It is a reborn idea of something everybody did historically, for example when a young couple in the 1950's, 60's decided that they would like to co-habitat and get married then they would either get a gift of furniture (often a bedroom suite) or they would make it there first big joint purchase, but either way quality custom furniture was the starting point for the family home (often even before there family home existed). This furniture was kept for a lifetime, holding onto all the family memories and being at every family event unheard of in the corner but something all the kids remembered. Then somewhere along the way a funny thing happened; people decided that furniture should look good only in the showroom and that people should be able to buy it in a box, kind of  like a toy and put it together and then expect it to bring as much joy and last as long, it didn't work. Suddenly there was no more of the "one-off hand made furniture" and nothing to pass on or value and enjoy.

Things do happen in cycles they say, and you know what they are probably right. We have enjoyed working on bespoke furniture with our clients for a really long time now. We now have a design area to help realise peoples visions, and we can build any design and tweak it, working with our clients to get exactly what they want and need, finished decoratively to make them happy and to create modern heirlooms again. We love timeless designs not just this weeks flavour, and we enjoy working with the best constructed furniture made in traditional methods all with the upmost considerations for the environmental impact; sustainable legal wood, low VOC paints.

Our second shipment of the Artisan Collection embodies exactly all of these elements; hand made from solid Mahogany (well regarded as a premium cabinetry wood and it's what all your parents furniture was made from) and then detailed decoratively to suit your taste, style and home. We like to think of it as creating your own furniture to be part of your home for generations and in the process bring you joy, making your house beautiful.

As we draw to a close on this shipment  we are opening some selective examples from the collection for customers to pre purchase. We have many examples of the Artisan Collection in our Gallery and online from previous shipments. In addition to the examples we can work with you to design your own item as well through our furniture design process with you by booking a design appointment here or getting in touch. With this the 2019 shipment, we are also offering a restricted 30% pre order discount and flexible payment terms, 1/3 deposit and then the remainder over the following two months. The shipments are being handmade prior to shipping and will be available in NZ in approximately 14 - 18 weeks, ready for the TR Studio to customise to the agreed finish prior to hand delivery. If you looking or would like to create something really special for your home that will last and be cherished then we can help you, book a design consultation in the next few weeks and be part of this the 2019 Artisan Collection release. To view our selected of Pre- Release offers click here 





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