Taylored Revival 2016, a year in review….

Posted on December 20 2016

What a  year for us here at Taylored Revival; this entire year has been “all go” for us. In review, it’s hard to find the exact words, but it is extremely humbling to think that only four years ago, we were working from the garage of our home with nothing but our passion and love for what we do to drive us. About two and a half years ago we opened our first store in Whitford, and then a year later moved to Howick, constantly evaluating, evolving changing and growing.

Our store in Whitford: 

Cue forward to 2016; this year we have proudly shared our passion through personally training 313 people from all over NZ and even overseas visitors as well. Our workshops allow us to delve into and share the passion and knowledge for what we do. We often say that the relationship with our customers does not end at a workshop but is rather where it starts and that creative relationship will often grow into something much more, as we grow and evolve, we witness the same thing in our customers and that for us is pretty special.

The other day we had a long time customer of our’s come in to purchase Chalk Paint™   we first met these customers when Taylored Revival was in the garage of our home, they purchased the first ever TR  Annie Sloan painted pieces and even some homeware that was painted in Chalk Paint™ (which we use to do back then). When we first met they were a young couple who were in the midst of renovating their home, since then we have helped them choose colours for the nursery when they were expecting their first child not long after we had opened in Whitford. We’ve seen them come in as first time parents when we moved to Howick, met their mother who was reviving her bedroom suite and just recently helped to pick colours for their second child who we will hopefully get to meet in the new year. The biggest privilege we have is in building these amazing relationships we have with our customers all through our creative business. We have met and gotten to know so many wonderful people, their friends and family. Not a day goes by where we don’t get to see pictures of peoples interiors discuss colours, textures, style and technique and every other day we get to witness the excitement in our customers as they come in to show us photos of their beautiful creations with the amazing paint that we so strongly stand by, Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan.

Taylored Revival Furniture Gallery in 2016:

This year we have  painted approx 65 pieces, landed our second container of Antiques from the UK, brought in an exclusive line of decorative lighting whilst adding handles and hardware along with our own line of designer TR cushions. We are constantly looking at ways to provide our customers access to bespoke items and tools to create their beautiful space. We once read a quote that said “unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”and this has always resonated with us.

We are very fortunate to feel like we have the best jobs in the world living with complete passion and love for what you do , it certainly helps to drive you in unimaginable ways… this year we battled with an illness in the team being a blood cancer and now in hindsight, TR and our purpose there played a huge role in the recovery.  Art, colour and the sense of creating is therapeutic and good for the soul. Being hit with this illness was a completely humbling experience, cancer knows no age, race or religion, it is fast and ferocious and hits when you least expect it. They say  in your darkest hours you will receive light from the most unexpected places and that has certainly rung true for us. We have received such great support from so many people and surprisingly  from so many of  our customers. We have had people opening up and sharing  inspiring stories of people who have been touched or know of someone who has gone through the battle of cancer. We are private people and we have tried to deal with this privately as much as we could,  however it has been so incredibly touching to receive phone calls, messages, home baking, words of encouragement and support, people wanting to help, dropping in to just see how we are, reminding us what an incredible community  of customers we have built here at Taylored Revival, we have been so so incredibly touched by this. We couldn’t end this year without taking time to thank those customers. Thank you  all so very much. On this note we would also like to mention that NZ is the only country in the world that has a blood bank system that is 100% voluntary and would like to encourage everyone to donate blood whenever you get the chance to, we have witnessed first hand how this small act can save so many lives.  nz-blood-3 maxresdefault

2016 has seen Taylored Revival continue to focus more on “creative interiors” not only through our workshops and Chalk Paint™ but also through providing our customers with access to unique products, designer lines and antique furniture to help our customers  in creating their beautiful creative spaces. We have used our gallery as a source of inspiration, creating examples and pushing our customers to branch out and explore the endless possibilities  of colour and texture in the home. Our in house colour and style consults have also been popular this year  helping people to co-ordinate their homes and spaces. The start of 2017 will see us taking on a Taylored Revival commercial fit out as well as reviving the Log Cabin a part of a community project using Chalk Paint™     We often talk about the “TR journey”this is a business that has not only been built by us, but also by our customers through their loyalty and support for what we do.  There is still so much more we want to achieve and really we see this is as just the beginning.

We have a great creative TR team lined up for 2017 who are excited  and are all raring to go with the big changes ahead. As a team we are already currently in the works of organising yet another big change for Taylored Revival (which we are all extremely excited about) without giving away too much,  2017 will see us have an even bigger focus of our tagline of “Bespoke Furniture & Creative Interiors” All very exciting stuff.

Here is our team for 2017: 

Paige –  Joins us as she starts her fourth year at Whitecliffe where she is studying a bachelor of fine arts majoring in graphics design. Paige has an extremely good eye for detail and colour, and is a very fast learner of all things TR. In the last month she has been working very closely with Dorophya on decorative painting and various Chalk Paint™ projects. She comes to us with great enthusiasm on interior design, colours, spaces and decorative painting for interiors and has already shown her abilities with some amazing revival transformations. She has a can do attitude and is always quick to put the painting apron on after our creative meetings which along with her understated but hidden wicked sense of humour make her a perfect match at TR.  

Maria – In 2017 we are excited to have Maria joining us and bringing a well blended and needed mix of organisational skills with a  creative flair. Having previously worked with well renowned photographer Sue Bryce who is now based in the US is only but a small part of the creative story of Maria . Talented in visual arts and with a diverse work history we look forward to her approach in strengthening and extending the TR story. With a  declared love of interior design, furniture spaces, painting colours and ideas for decorating she is a perfect fit and having experience in photography, artistry and photoshop we are sure she will thrive. We know you will love her arty outgoing nature as much as we do and you can look forward to meeting her in 2017. 

Darrell  – As usual he is at full speed; managing our channel partners and looking after all of our  importing and finding all things shiny and new for the team to play with. Whilst also fitting in the fixing of furniture and providing some technical sanity amongst the creative chaos of TR he also loves the whole creative process and has worked with many clients in reviving their pieces and will happily provide his assistance in design and style. He has some mad big plans for Taylored Revival in the new year and 2017 will see him focus on driving TR through to it’s next phase. 

Dorophya – Passion and creativity abound within her; and anyone who has had the fortunate opportunity of talking about TR and interiors will have come away with the same infectious thoughts of transforming our home and work  environments. Providing the creative direction for TR means that she is constantly challenging the status quo and as we carve out a completely new genre of “Creative Interiors” Dorophya will be the driving force behind it.

Could this be you– 2017 will also be a year where we will be looking to add to our creative Team. Applications will be opening in 2017, more on this in the New Year but watch this space. 

We would like to end this post  with a huge thank you to all of customers both near and far for making 2016 such a great year for Taylored Revival. We thank you for your loyalty,  and for your support in our creative business and wish you a safe and happy holiday season with friends and family. We will also be taking time off to re-charge and be inspired by the beautiful country, culture and people that we are lucky to live amongst this festive season. We will be closed from Friday 23rd December and will re-open on Monday the 9th of January 2017 but look forward to seeing all the fantastic projects from you and the spaces you have revived over the holidays.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to greeting you again in the New year.

From all of us here at TR


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