Mix it Monday: Leather boots in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan!

Posted on March 06 2017

For this weeks #mixitmonday I  have organised  something a little different, with the cooler seasons being just around the corner, what better than to demonstrate a pair of Genuine Leather boots painted in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. I’ve always wanted a pair of  deep “grapey/ plum” boots. A  rich. deep and dark  coloured pair to wear with black winter tights and leggings- with all the pinks and nudes in store at the moment, it’s impossible to find and I’m not really one to follow the trends anyhow. So reviving my own boots it was…. read on to find out how to transform a pair of boots in under an hour.

Okay so here are a very old pair of my “painting”  boots, very loved and super comfy and also very sad and well worn. These are genuine leather boots. Chalk Paint™ will work beautifully on genuine leather. Leather is a natural product, it has imperfections and grain. If your boots are super glossy , and perfect, or your not sure, just double check to see if they are in fact leather before you decide to paint them as it may not wear as well on vinyl or PU leather.
FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I mixed Burgundy and Florence together  ( yes this is our #mix it monday this week) to create this gorgeous purple

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Then I painted two thin coats of this custom mixed Chalk Paint™  by Annie Sloan colour onto my  leather boots and  okay yes I have to admit, i didn’t bother or attempt to wash the existing Chalk Paint™ spots, you do want to make sure its clean & free of dirt though.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

After two  thin coats of  my custom mixed Chalk paint™ colour.  I achieved full coverage, a Because I applied a thin coat on, the dry time was around about 10-15 minutes, once i finished one boot the other was more or less dry,  so it didn’t take much time before it was ready for waxing. If I had wanted to keep the beautiful Purple created through the colour mix, I would have just applied clear wax over it (which would have made it a funky pair of purple  boots, however I wanted something really dark & deep so  I used black wax directly. This will tone down the purple, stain, richen and deepen the colour. The black wax will go into the grain and folds of the leather and will give the colour a lovely depth. When waxing you want to wax in small sections at a time then wipe the excess off with a lint free rag. Chalk Paint™ is porous so as you apply the wax it will absorb the wax through the body of the paint, it can only absorb so much and the rest sits on top and that’s the part you need to wipe off with a clean lint free rag.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

Here is a photo of one boot black waxed and one un-waxed. Huge difference between the two!


So then  I moved on and wax the other, and there you have it… a pair of leather boots revived…. and for those who came in store today, you would have had me pointing down to my boots saying everything is painted in Chalk Paint™ here including my boots!  For most reading this, I can already hear the questions… but will crack? will it feel stiff? will it peel off? I have put together a video to show you how it feels afterwards

The answer is NO. There is no better way to describe it other than, it just feels like soft leather…..So there you go, revived leather boots in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan! next time your in Taylored Revival, you may just catch me in this pair…as I have fallen in love with my super comfy boots again  


Inspired by this colour mix/ project? to purchase Chalk Paint™ & waxes by Annie Sloan click here

Some extra info for painting Leather

  • Should be genuine leather. You can paint vinyl and PU leather but it may not wear so well so we don’t recommend painting it. 
  • Chalk Paint™ will not repair any existing damage to leather it sit’s beautifully on top of the surface it’s been put on so if there are folds or existing cracks these will eventually reappear but is sometimes what gives it a genuine leather look. 
  • Dark wax looks beautiful on leather as it accentuates the grain of the leather and adds a beautiful depth to it. 
  • Make your coats thin, it won’t take much Chalk Paint™ to paint leather boots.
  • Don’t over wax remember Chalk Paint™ is a porous paint so can only absorb so much wax. Don’t waste your wax, less is more. Your better to do two thin coats than one thick coat. 

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