Important Announcement

Posted on May 29 2018

Important Announcement

30th May 2018

Important announcement 

Myself and the whole team at Taylored Revival have over the last few months been quietly testing and trialling products from all around the world. All businesses change and evolve for any number of reasons, and ours is no different. Whilst changes can be scary, they can also at the same time be a great catalyst making things even better than the status quo; and one of these significant changes for TR is that we will be discontinuing our relationship with the Annie Sloan brand. This brand and products have been a big part of our heritage as we became a leading stockist and trainer in New Zealand and obviously this decision was not taken lightly.

We have been very fortunate that many of our customers have been with us since we started out in the garage (as all good businesses begin), and they grew and developed with us as we moved from our little store in Whitford through to Howick and now into our large format Interiors Gallery in Botany. Given the loyalty, commitment and goodwill from so many of you, it was really important that we write this letter to explain our thinking and direction.

The art of decorative painting has always been at the core of Taylored Revival, it was quite simply the first thing we developed as we sat toiling away in the garage of our home, many years ago. This love and passion flowed through to the use of the many different products and concoctions in the pursuit of bespoke finishes; manipulating them in all types of ways, sometimes great, sometimes experimental and even occasionally crazy. The bottom line was we never imagined it would create the Taylored Revival of today, but we are so happy it did.

In the long forgotten summer of 2014 we officially became an Annie Sloan stockist , although we had been using it prior. We were not prepared for the rough road in creating a new market; most people would not believe us that there really was no sanding or priming required. We were the most loyal of ambassadors for the Annie Sloan brand of Chalk Paint; our store(s) always showcased the finishes that the paints were capable of. Decorative painting and transforming spaces were always at the forefront of what we did, and we worked tirelessly to come up with inspiration, with careful thought being put into every detail from the way the shop was fitted out through to the weekly inspiration and always with consideration for creating a complete customer experience. It is a well known fact and one that we are proud of here at TR that we always paint everyday, without fail. This really demonstrates that above all else we understand that we are in the business of testing and sharing our love and passion for decorative painting. We have always been focussed on sharing our knowledge, demonstrating and inspiring. A creative business is a very unique beast; it takes an unquestionable amount of passion, energy and some very particular skillsets to drive it forward and keep the wheels turning. Over the years we have worked hard to defend the Annie Sloan brand and paint that we whole heartedly loved, and none of this comes without personal sacrifices for myself, my family and also the whole team who have been a part of the TR journey. Looking back I’m very proud to say that we have built Taylored Revival to the best of our ability, and overcome all our challenges and goals  on good morals, genuine relationships, with ethics and strong values at the base of all decisions and therefore we will never be held in a position of promoting a brand or product that we don’t whole heartedly believe in.

With all of this in mind certain events have taken place over the last few months which have led us to review our direction and alignment with the Annie Sloan brand. Throughout this time we have tried our best to remain professional and objective and whilst obviously not delving into the specifics further these events have led us to the decision of drawing to a close our relationship with the Annie Sloan brand. We however strongly stand behind everything we have taught and promoted in both our workshops and  in the TR Gallery about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint; it is every bit as great as we say it is. As a team here at TR we are no longer able to passionately stand by the brand, and certainly we cannot continue whole heartedly as the brand ambassadors however of course we will continue to support our customers use.

Someone once told me that If you look hard enough, your challenges and obstacles will have a  silver lining, forcing you to look around with fresh eyes and this is exactly how we view this development. We are incredibly excited about a new start and grateful for the opportunities that lay ahead for TR and our customers.  Once again thank you for being amazing customers, your inspiration, creativity, support and loyalty has always been a big part of what drives us .

A very big thank you to all of you and we look forward to showcasing all the new possibilities when it comes to decorative painting, stay tuned.

Kind Regards

Dorophya and the TR team.

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