A Luxurious Soap Den awaits at the TR Gallery

Posted on August 04 2017

I have never been “big” on Soap… usually the brightly coloured reasonably attractive looking bottle from the supermarket shelf does me; possibly the one that includes the words “nourishing on the front label”; Soap is Soap right? if anything it’s the body moisturiser that I’m more prone to be fussy about.

However recently for my Birthday I was gifted some French Soaps, even then it actually took me a couple of weeks to use them.  Ever since I haven’t been able to convert back to regular soap or body wash. In fact I have now officially turned into a French Soap fanatic and this obsession has spread throughout the TR team, in my opinion it’s not hard to understand why. Once you use an authentic and premium French Soap you will know what I mean, or maybe you already do.

This experience led TR to do work on “Project Soap”; we started doing some investigative research on French and European soaps, why were they so different? are they really  better than regular soap? Everything we found out confirmed and amazed. These handcrafted soaps, often generations in the making really do smell amazing (you know the “too good to be good for you” type smell) and we loved the rich history that come with them. Also they had such wonderful health benefits, they provide the skin with what it needs through the use of natural ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods. There really are some great soap masters out there and creating a quality luxury soap is certainly an art in itself. They are little artisan bars of goodness and we think we have curated a beautiful and special collection here in the TR Gallery. I won’t give away too much as I know the TR team are bursting at the seams to tell you in person and for you see, touch and smell for yourself.

However let me give you some simple details; the soaps in the TR Gallery are the highest quality Authentic French Soaps, (not all french soaps are made equal). We have personally researched and tested them all before bringing them in. One of the brands has even had 5 family generations of Soap Masters and their Soap factory which they manufacture from now was established in 1828 and still stands. The front of the factory looks exactly the same as it did back then, and they still continue to use make these beautiful artisan soaps using the traditional methods and recipes to craft their soaps.  We also have brought in Claus Porto a Portugese high end luxury soap brand who makes beautiful luxury soaps, hand creams and we also stock their attractive mens range; Musgo Real.  Drawing on ingredients from Portugals countryside and with over 100 years experience they create a stunning range which is not only beautiful to use  and is good for you, but makes for excellent gifts with their exceptionally beautiful and artistic packaging. There is a also a range who’s soaps are Shea butter based and these are so beautifully scented, natural of course and we know Shea is a fantastic ingredient with so many well documented benefits for the skin.
We are all really excited to be able to have such a holistic and beautiful natural product to show our customers and it really resonates with our company and personal ideals.

The whole range of imported soaps provide for excellent value as the ingredients are economical, they don’t go gluggly, gluey and crack like other soaps meaning they look great for longer. With all the natural goodness and time crafted skill they hold there shape beautifully as a guest Soap or for use in the whole family and it makes the bathroom smell really gorgeous…. for a long time.

I guess one of the reasons Soap has never interested me is because I have always used highly artificial products with so many chemicals with long names made by scientists. Thus I always use to automatically think that if it’s bar of soap, it will clean you squeaky clean but with that dry tight skin afterwards. Well not with these; think of a bar of natural rich ingredients that cleanses and moisturises. Leaving your skin feeling hydrated, beautiful and soft. Some are Shea butter based and others Vegetable oil based, all organic and natural depending on what your after both are excellent options. I’ve moisturise less now and my skin probably feels more hydrated now than it ever has.

The Marseilles soaps by Rampal Latour are a range of hard soaps made predominantly from Olive Oil; in the TR Gallery ours are guaranteed to be at least 72% of Olive Oil , organic, certified, authentic and amazing.  Not only is great for your skin but people use it to remove stains in laundry as it works as a great natural stain remover. Along with washing their hair, which Darrell has now started to do claims it cuts down on time and is great, (we even used it on our paint brushes and they immediately felt softer and silkier, that’s the ultimate test ) .I’ve used it to clean my bath tub, my floors and the results are incredible considering that its an organic natural product that is also really good for my skin. These soaps are often recommended by dermatologists for people with sensitive skin or  Eczema conditions; it is also known to help reduce muscle cramps! Not done yet as it also works as an antiseptic, use it over cuts and you will notice a faster healing time. In my opinion it’s a crazy miracle soap that’s works. Retiring all those chemical cleaners, I like the idea of using an organic soap to clean everything, especially when it works so well… and it’s also beautiful to look at. They look stunning just sitting there on the laundry bench, these rustic, earthy, beautifully crafted square blocks of soaps .

We are all excited at TR and we can’t wait to show our customers the full range; hidden towards the back of our new TR Gallery is the “Den” a kind perfumery. The curated collection includes everything from room and linen sprays to beautiful enriching hand creams, liquid soaps and even through to a stunning mens range with a unique and gorgeous masculine smell, we have after shave balms, beard oils, soaps and shaving balms in stylish tins. I’m always struggling to find unique gifts for men and these I know will be popular for those special occasions.

A wonderful addition to the Gallery and I have to put in a special mention in here to that special person for gifting me those French Soaps for my birthday!  Here’s proof of how much I loved that gift

To discover the full collection visit us in the TR Gallery and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dorophya x

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