2017 a remarkable year with workshops and training for Taylored Revival

Posted on November 30 2017

2017 a remarkable year with workshops and training for Taylored Revival


492 people have come through to a TR Studio Workshop in this year alone. This has made for a most remarkable year at Taylored Revival with our training and education well and truely taking off and being recognised locally and around the world. We had fun wrapping up our last workshop for the year this last Saturday and I always look forward to this time of the year as a sort of “reflection period” in some ways; it’s the only time I will allow myself to pull up the reports and look at the numbers that demonstrate what we as a small but passionate team here at TR have really achieved. For us it is all about spreading the love and passion for what we do, and probably this year we have really pushed the boundaries with multiple workshops most weeks,  but it’s been a blast. Being in a creative business within the arts so to speak;  is no easy feat and I can still remember the days where people told us it would never take off in NZ. We are certainly humbled and honoured by the number of people that have trusted us to introduce them into the creative world of Chalk Paint™ or even letting us further broaden their knowledge in decorative painting skills. As a leading Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ advocate and stockist we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the freedom of colours, finishes and styles with our customers, and have enjoyed being involved in so many of our customers creative projects  where Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is always at the forefront of it all.
101 Workshops
IMG_4747 2I often get asked whether I get sick of running these workshops every week and hand on heart even after 3 years of running workshops weekly the answer is still no. Every single workshop is different, different people, different dynamics and I get a lot of joy and satisfaction out of it . There is always a buzz in the air, about halfway through I get to see the excitement in everyone’s eyes when the penny drops, when they realise that they have discovered the true freedom of colour and finishes… a mix of excitement and disbelief at  just how insanely easy the whole thing is.  It takes me back to the days where I use to sand furniture in my garage with a mask on… like a mad scientist concocting different experiments with meths and stains to try and create patina on my finishes. Back then when I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ for the first time, I didn’t get to share my excitement in a workshop environment but rather I just stared at the chair in the garage that I had just painted, I kept touching it thinking surely it’s not dry yet… standing back  looking at it and thinking to myself did I just really create that in an afternoon, did i really not have to sand back?  I even scratched it lightly to see if the paint would come off. When my husband got home that night from work,  I greeted him with Holy S*#@ I have just discovered the  most amazing  paint, not to mention that at that point I hadn’t even discovered that you can use it on fabrics, outdoors, veneer, metal an endless array of surfaces.  Just the fact that it did wood in such a beautiful way was enough. I spent the next few weeks researching and imagine my surprise when I found out that world wide it was referred to as the “best paint in the world”it really was mind boggling. So… I totally get the reaction in the 101 workshops, you discover everything within 3 hours, in a creative and inspiring environment.  I get to relive and experience  this excitement, this sudden realisation of the freedom of colour and finishes, the humour in how ridiculously easy it all is.  I think the best reaction I’ve ever had in my workshop is “Oh My Fr&%%en God this is better than the day I gave birth to my daughter”  that moment will always be ingrained in my memory,  it’s the best reaction so far for me and quite a hard one to beat, it still makes me giggle when I think about it,  but hey I’m open to being surprised again there could be one out there in the future that may just top that.  By the end of every workshop you honestly  can not help but smile and be giddy with the group… enthusiasm and excitement is incredibly contagious and  I feel really fortunate that I  get to experience this every single week.

Extended Workshops: BYOP, Enhancements, Decorative Walls
22196010_1143058922460443_4655257286865739422_n2017 also saw us extending into our specialised and focused workshops with our existing customers, all of which have been very popular. Another question I have been asked is why are we so open with our techniques and knowledge “aren’t you afraid that people are going to copy you?”  That is exactly what we want people to do, in my personal opinion, it’s can only be great if it can be shared, and I love that we have been able to  help inspire so many people to pursue something creative in their lives and truth be told we get so much back out of  it, 10 fold , in the process we learn so much about ourselves, allowing us to constantly refine what we do, we learn just as much from our customers as they do from us. I know and I have gotten to know  so many of our customers who  have in short amount of time  attended every single workshop at TR this year. That to me is a good sign and is a sign that we are doing something right. I love these workshops, as it’s a chance for us to observe different painting styles provide feedback and tips, it’s like having friends over for a big creative pow wow.  It allows us to let loose and explore creativity and colours, and introduce our unique creative approach with our customers.   More importantly I think these workshops help our customers to diminish the “fear of making mistakes”   . It’s incredibly satisfying and rewarding  for not only me but for our team to then be able to see people utilise their extended knowledge, new found skills in transforming their interiors. At TR we obviously love what we do, our studio allows us to use and manipulate Chalk Paint™  in all sorts of different ways on different projects. It is through this experience that enables us to design, format and break these workshops down and present it in a way that is enjoyable, easy to teach, easy to understand and with the best paint in the world, easy to achieve. We have a few more new specialised workshops in the new year that we have planning in the background so we look forward to introducing these in 2018.

Fair to say we are madly passionately about Chalk Paint™,  transforming, reviving, decorative painting, interiors and exteriors. Our workshops are an introduction and a first hand insight into this creative world of ours and it’s a pretty awesome place .  When you do a workshop with  Taylored Revival you are not just doing a workshop and purchasing paint from a stockist but you are learning from leading experts in decorative painting with Chalk Paint™ from a passionate team who care.  You  gain access to a highly creative team to help with colours and concepts,  you gain access to a support network and become a part of our creative community. With access to our exclusive and private online forum as a part of the workshop, you receive continued inspiration, support and learning. Completing the workshop with TR is just the start.  We have a gallery full of hand painted pieces and examples that are ever changing for our customers to view, study and be inspired by.  I love seeing our customers coming in looking for  new pieces that we’ve painted, I love seeing customers with their phones out at the paint bar and everyone huddled and brainstorming and getting excited about a concept for the piece of furniture shown on the screen. I love seeing our customers walk up and down the gallery trying to decide which finish they are going to do next…

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved this year as a team here at TR and so humbled by the number of people we have had through the TR doors this year to do a workshop with us. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and I attribute most of the success to this.  I would like to make a special  thanks to those who travelled far and wide to attend a TR Workshop, we have certainly noticed   we really appreciate the effort and distance you have travelled to make it out to us, just amazing! Thank you.  This year we had people travel from as far as the South Island and right through to the top of the North Island; we  even had a few people from overseas who intentionally planned a TR workshop as part of their holiday experience in NZ; don’t we feel privileged.  To our customers in the Bay of Plenty, Whangarei, Waikato, even as far as Wellington and Canterbury and also of course to our regular and loyal customers from greater Auckland,  thank you for choosing  Taylored Revival to be your Annie Sloan stockist and trainer this year. It is your continued support that allows us to drive and  build this small business of ours into a real Creative Hub that we call Taylored Revival and hopefully an inspiring place that you are all proud to call as your Annie Sloan Stockist. Thank you!  I look forward to a new creative year with our first workshops starting up again on the 20th January 2018 of which I have just heard is almost full… Another amazing year full of colour and inspiration awaits… See you all then

With Thanks

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